GlycoBol PERFORMANCE Cluster Dextrin™

700 gramm

Das ideale Getränk für maximale plastische und energetische Effizienz, das vor, während und nach der Leistung getrunken werden kann

  • Basierend auf hochverzweigten cyclischen cyclischen cyclischen, essentiellen Aminosäuren (EAA) und Glutaminpeptid
  • Unter Zusatz von L-Taurin, Citrullinmalat, Magnesium und Kalium in Citratform
  • Das ideale Getränk für maximale "Plastik" - und Energieeffizienz während und nach dem Training
  • Es hilft, die durch übermäßiges Schwitzen veränderten organischen physiologischen Bedingungen wiederherzustellen
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Yamamoto® Nutrition presents GlycoBol PERFORMANCE Cluster Dextrin™. GlycoBol PERFORMANCE Cluster Dextrin™ is a food supplement suitable for adult sportsmen who have carried out intense and prolonged physical activity over time. Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after intense and / or prolonged physical exercise that leads to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscles (**). The product also provides a broad spectrum of amino acids, including 5 g of BCAAs which are particularly suitable for supplementing the diet of athletes. Finally GlycoBol PERFORMANCE is completed with vitamins that contribute to normal energy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (vit. C, B6, B12) and minerals that contribute to the physiological muscle function (magnesium, potassium).

(**) The beneficial effect is obtained through the consumption of carbohydrates from all sources equal to a total of 4 g per kg of body weight, with an intake in doses to be started within the first 4 hours following intense physical exercise and /or
prolonged that involves muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen reserves in skeletal muscles and to be concluded in any case within 6 hours following this exercise.

Every athlete of any sport knows very well the importance and the decisive influence of carbohydrates on performance, so the market for carbohydrate drinks to support athletes before, during and after performance has become more and more numerous and used, but this does not exclude that science goes ahead and has arrived at something truly more "evolved", also obviating some problems of use that these drinks could present, especially at the gastrointestinal level.
On this front in recent years, the real innovation that has turned out to be a great success, has come with the launch of highly branched Cyclodextrins (HBCD), a brand new form of carbohydrate that has brought a real evolution in this situation, of which Yamamoto® Nutrition has been a great promoter since its inception, spreading this product, in the quality of the Japanese patent Cluster Dextrin ™, since 2015, and bringing back to further prominence the many benefits of the drinks used in pre-during and post-workout, making this type of drink a real "must" for the athlete who wants a real support to his training and thus improve the subsequent effects.
Strengthened by this concept of absolute success, and riding on this best opportunity to be able to quickly have the energy of carbohydrates available during the performance, without causing any glycemic drop and any gastrointestinal disturbance, it was decided to insert a blend of essential amino acids and precious electrolytes so that these elements could reach the bloodstream and thus the muscles in a very short time.

And so, was born: GlycoBol PERFORMANCE

The drink that can be defined as "optimal" for the support of the most intense and prolonged performance, where all the elements will work in maximum efficiency to support both the performance and the subsequent muscle recovery, providing factors that accelerate not only their constant supply by exploiting the 'hyperemia induced by muscle training, but "positioning" them already for the recovery process, preparing new glycogen, and fueling the synthesis of new proteins, maintaining maximum cellular hydration, since promoting an electrolyte balance is essential not only for performance but also for all those processes of muscle healing and adaptation.
After all, an athlete who trains with maximum intensity needs maximum concentration and an energetic, metabolic, organic and endocrine situation at maximum efficiency.
Through mixtures of elements based on simple sugars specific for performance, it happens that there is a strong recall of fluids to the intestine, subtracting "vital" blood from the muscles at work and then risking an unpleasant swelling and nausea up to flatulence and risk of osmotic diarrhea. Other than muscle pumping and maximum training performance.
From here in the past many have clearly abandoned the proven concept of "periworkout nutrition", thus not taking advantage of this potential moment to ride the waves of certain mechanisms which, if well "amplified", will lead not only to the best performance in training even for a prolonged period , but also to a better recovery with a more efficient storage of glycogen and reconstruction of the same damaged muscles. Thanks to the "ideal" mixture of elements contained in the GlycoBol PERFORMANCE, the athlete has a real support, an amplifier of the effects of the stimulation that is sought in and from training, rich in energy and plastic material at immediate disposal, without having any more gastrointestinal disturbances typical of carbohydrate-based drinks of past "generations", and perhaps with poorly absorbed mineral salts.
No digestive disturbance as the elements pass quickly through the gastrointestinal tract without creating a particular digestive effort with a great recall of blood, quickly finding its dense "content" of elements in the bloodstream, ready to be conveyed to the muscles.
And all this without is even more effectively perceived in workouts of a certain duration, which will not undergo any peak or any drop in glycemic "crash", by implementing a modulatory action on insulin.
In fact, the great protagonist of this new supplement of the "black" line are the Cyclodextrins, the innovative form of carbohydrate derived from particular enzymatic reactions on amylopectin, with superior solubility and absorption characteristics compared to any other form of carbohydrate such as dextrose / glucose, maltodextrins , but also of the newest waxy and vitargo.
Equipped with a high molecular weight and very low osmolarity, we will have a gastric emptying from that to be then sent from the intestine to the muscles without creating any sensation of nausea or swelling from fermentation, positioning itself as a carbohydrate that really allows a stable energy supply over time, prolonging the onset of fatigue and modulating the increase in insulin and cortisol.

The key to access the path of each form of progression and result is RECOVERY in the immediate, medium and long term. The sooner we recover and the sooner the processes of adaptation and reconstruction are triggered. The sooner you recover and the sooner you train by giving a new stimulus. The synergy of such important elements contained in particular in GlycoBol PERFORMANCE serve to enhance and speed up these processes through the amplifying power of protein synthesis, offering precious essential amino acids and glutamine peptide, counteracting (and modulating) the overproduction of cortisol resulting from intense training arming the effects of insulin "when needed" and promoting the fastest possible storage of muscle glycogen, thanks to the Cyclodextrin Cluster Dextrins® technology. "Last but not least" by providing a lot of hydration to the cells and without hindering digestive digestion.

The ideal drink designed for maximum "plastic and energy efficiency" to be sipped during training - intra workout - as a quick support of gradual energy and with the presence of the best muscle reconstruction material. In post-workout, it can be taken for a rapid restoration of glycogen stocks and an efficient protein synthesis, creating the best "environment" for the fastest and most efficient muscle recovery.

What makes it the most copied drink in Europe?

Based on original Japanese cyclodextrins (Cluser Dextrin® from Glico Nutrition Co. Ltd), without any product of dubious and polluted origin so widespread, this is the real new generation of glucose polymers that we first launched in Italy for years ago, thanks to their very low osmolarity, it is the fastest form of carbohydrate to cross the gastric tract to be equally rapidly absorbed and gradually released into the blood without any gastrointestinal disturbance. If we add branched chain amino acids, glutamine peptides, taurine, citrulline malate and the driving force on the protein synthesis of all the essential amino acids, we obtain the best combination of nutrients that the muscles can have as quickly as possible during and / or post workout.
A real support to muscle work without glycemic "crashes" and making sure that the recovery is as fast and efficient as possible, without any annoying digestive disorder that could compromise its performance. Speed, efficiency and real effectiveness. This is what it means to choose the best. Proven science and quality. Always. No bullshits or .... stomach ache!

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GlycoBol PERFORMANCE Cluster Dextrin™
36,79 € 45,99 €
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